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[Chrome] AB and ABP Constantly crashing

kyle.noble's Avatar


12 Jan, 2016 04:14 AM

I should probably start this off by saying I'm not 100% sure this problem is related to the plugins themselves. I'm just generally looking for help and am unsure where to find it.

Adblock and Adblock Plus crashing.
Video players failing to play regardless of adblockers
A chrome tab CRASHED, which I never thought was possible.
Skype gave an error essentially telling me I didn't have enough available RAM to start it even though ram usage was only at ~80% (I have 8GB)
I believe I had a blue screen of death. Not entirely sure though.
Attempting to reload Adblock results in it instantly crashing again. ABP seems more resilient against the crashes, although occasionally crashing.
All these problems aren't constant, they happen in episodes, restarting chrome or even going as far as to restart my computer temporarily fixes it.
A couple days ago my laptop overheated twice in one day. It hasn't done that once the entire time I've owned it. Thankfully I don't think there was any damage, thanks to safeties turning off the computer before heat can be a problem.
Back to the blue screen of death, I say I'm not sure because what happened was my display got disabled and my sound card froze, causing that stereotypical glitch noise of the same second of sound being repeated endlessly, the display didn't come back so I decided to turn off my laptop and turn it back on.
Also, AdBlock and ABP don't give me error messages. It's just in the bottom right "AdBlock has crashed. Click this balloon to reload the extension." Also worth noting, if I can get AdBlock to stabilize during one of its crashing fits, it will crash if I switch to a different tab.
I ran a full virus scan with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, it found no viruses.

If there's too many problems that're unrelated to AdBlock, can someone at least point me in the right direction?

EDIT: Add to the list of problems, ABP isn't blocking ads, and changing the page in any way or even clicking the icon, will crash regular AdBlock. Also I've tried reinstalling both AB and ABP, still crashes.

EDIT #2: Closed Chrome and used task manager to kill a lingering process of Chrome, now AB is the stable one and ABP is the one crashing a lot...? Ads still aren't being blocked. The youtube video I tested with actually broke the tab, just randomly gave me a generic "Aw, snap" tab error with no real error code or explanation, "Learn More" button just leads to support home page.
I could at least get AB to stabilize on a single page, ABP just won't stay up. It crashes the instant it's loaded regardless.
Now I can actually click the AB button, which actually does nothing. The button gets pressed in but that's it. Nothing pops up.

EDIT #3: I had a glimmer of hope as I had disabled WOT (Web of Trust, an extension that shows website credibility based on other user reviews) and suddenly ads were being blocked again, then youtube killed all my hopes and dreams and now they're BOTH crashing, and videos still aren't playing.

EDIT #4: After doing nothing but reloading the extensions, they stopped crashing, but they still aren't blocking ads, although youtube is finally working again. Clicking either button still does nothing.

EDIT #5 I entirely take back what I said about restarting my computer fixing anything. Both AdBlocks have stopped crashing, and they're blocking ads again, but video players still aren't playing. They're TECHNICALLY playing, but nothing happens, no video, no audio, just buffers the rest of the video in the background, and can't be paused. Also, the reason I restarted my computer was to download updates for windows. Turns out they failed to properly configure so my computer had to deal with just updating my skype without my permission.

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  1. 31 Posted by kyle.noble on 12 Feb, 2016 05:14 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Thanks for the recommendation! It was a nice movie, I mean, the main bad guy seemed to have lost his head in all those anger issues he seemed to have, but aside from that it was a good mix of intense and funny.

    EDIT: Oh hey, this has gotten so long there's officially 2 pages. Nice. Bet you don't see that very often with average users :)

  2. Support Staff 32 Posted by Rhana on 12 Feb, 2016 03:03 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    Oh Kyle, you are not an average user. :D

  3. 33 Posted by kyle.noble on 12 Feb, 2016 09:49 PM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    True, I imagine with average users you get a simple fix problem, give them a copy/paste answer for their common problem and they're out the door, but you see, I like to talk a lot :)

    That and my problem wasn't quite a simple fix, it was more like my computer slowly dying.

  4. Support Staff 34 Posted by Rhana on 12 Feb, 2016 11:04 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    Exactly! There's not usually much challenge. But you...ah, that was a problem I could sink my teeth into. Mind you, nothing I said actually helped. I was just enjoying the ride. :)

  5. 35 Posted by kyle.noble on 13 Feb, 2016 05:49 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Eh, I don't think "Unknown program slowly eating the computer from the inside out" is quite your expertise, we never did really figure out what was wrong, Dell support just said reinstall the OS to see if its software or hardware, BleepingComputer said hardware but I did what Dell said anyway and it worked, that's about as close as we got to figuring out the actual problem itself.

    Although random theory I just came up with, what if it's a hardware problem? Specifically the hard drive, except like heart attacks the episodes aren't always violent, they can be quiet and unnoticed, (Note: I failed biology class) so during the episodes, nothing goes that wrong, except occasionally it can misread or miswrite something, so the computer slowly dying from the inside isn't actually a direct symptom but a side effect of the main quiet symptom, that would also explain why reinstalling the OS would temporarily fix it, because all the key components that were degrading and dying painful deaths got reinstalled in a fresh new state.

    Or maybe I'm looking way too incredibly far into this. Like I said, that's just a random idea I came up with on the spot :P

    EDIT: Every time I post a comment and see that red bar at the top suddenly appear I always think to myself "Okay what went wrong," then remember it's just the website telling me I'm an archived dinosaur.

  6. Support Staff 36 Posted by Rhana on 14 Feb, 2016 12:46 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    /me shrugs. It seems like a reasonable idea to me. But you're right, hardware is definitely not my forte.

    About that red bar, I know! I do the same thing! :D

  7. 37 Posted by kyle.noble on 15 Feb, 2016 10:58 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    So, what's it like doin' what you do? Do you get paid doing this or do you just do it for the sake of helping people?

  8. Support Staff 38 Posted by Rhana on 15 Feb, 2016 03:38 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    I've been either a tech writer or in tech support my entire career (which is longer than I like to think about). I'm full-time at AdBlock. We're a teeny-tiny company (just five full-timers plus two volunteers for development and support). I love it, both the company and tech support. You were right before; it's a lot of copy-paste. There's enough real troubleshooting to keep me on my toes, though, and I get to write, so it's perfect for me.

    What about you? What do you do when you're not wrestling recalcitrant PCs?

  9. 39 Posted by kyle.noble on 16 Feb, 2016 12:21 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Well I'm 16 so I don't quite have a job yet, so my day-to-day is just the online school I go to and playing games and watching youtube/netflix, although as you can imagine this kinda lifestyle isn't the healthiest one out there, especially with my poor diet, so recently I've looked into going to a gym to try and lose weight, that's about it as far as my life goes. Not incredibly interesting.

  10. Support Staff 40 Posted by Rhana on 16 Feb, 2016 01:49 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    Not the worst things you could be doing. I have three teenagers myself (a 16-year-old, a 15-year-old, and a 13-year-old). Other than the online school, which sounds pretty cool, that's pretty much all they do too!

    You don't need a gym, btw. Take a good brisk walk 30 minutes daily (or two brisk 15-minute walks). You'll get fresh air and it's free. :)

  11. 41 Posted by kyle.noble on 18 Feb, 2016 02:35 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Eh, the winters are pretty cold here, so I stopped going on walks which I used to do, also I never went on walks on rainy days because I have an irrational fear of being on wet/slippery surfaces, long story short water park gone bad, first major injury, and messed up a bone for the first time, and my first surgery, so just generally speaking a gym would be good for me so outside conditions can't deter me.

    Only thing left in my way is my parents irrational fear of traffic and keep putting off taking me there... Literally gotten to the point where I've decided I'm going to get my drivers license before I commit to going to a gym, so my parents hatred of traffic wont be a problem.

    Fun fact, I left this sitting here typed for like a day, now I've taken the knowledge test required for my drivers permit, I mean, I failed, but didn't really expect to nail it first shot, so oh well.

  12. Support Staff 42 Posted by Rhana on 18 Feb, 2016 05:00 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    OK, yeah, I get the slippery-surfaces thing. Got one myself, although not in as traumatic a way as you did. I'm just afraid of that old commercial, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up." :)

    Which do you think will be harder, the written test or the driving test? Do you have Drivers Ed at your school, or are you trying to learn from your parents...who it sounds like don't enjoy driving?

  13. 43 Posted by kyle.noble on 19 Feb, 2016 02:25 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    I think the written test will be the only hard part, from studying the drivers manual like my dad told me to it seems like 90% of driving is just common sense, I mean there's some numbers here and there but honestly it looks like if you have good common sense then you'll be perfectly fine.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, one more thing, I think I might not be out of the woods yet as far as this problem goes. Not entirely sure if it's connected to the problem I was having but my game suddenly started lagging, so I decided to alt-tab and kill off some intensive-but-not-in-use programs like chrome and spotify, but alt-tabbing froze the game, now here's where it gets weird, I tried ctrl alt delete because I hate staring at a black screen of ice and it took forever to register, nothing new, laggy games can take forever to get out of full screen and hand control over to the computer, but once the ctrl alt delete screen appeared, that was it, just the screen Win7 logo Alienware logo and Alienware background, no menu, I was essentially 100% locked out of my computer because I had no way of getting out of that menuless menu, so I basically said "Well that's awkward.... Don't mind me, you keep doing exactly what I say not to do, I'm just going to hold this power button. Good night." And when I turned the computer back on, it did the usual "HEY! I DIDN'T TURN OFF THE NORMAL WAY, AM I OKAY?! SHOULD WE BOOT INTO SAFE MODE?!" and as usual I went with normal startup, but this wasn't quite normal... For some reason it decided it needed to run CHKDSK before startup, and awkwardly enough it did find an unindexed file, I'll be honest I got very confused very quickly, the laggy game isn't unheard of, same with alt-tab turning it into a block of ice and ctrl alt delete taking a while to ctrl alt delete, but I've never heard of ctrl alt delete appearing without a menu.... And I have no idea why my computer felt the need to run CHKDSK at startup, or what that unindexed file was that it apparently recovered,

  14. Support Staff 44 Posted by Rhana on 19 Feb, 2016 11:16 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    Most of driving is common sense, but paying attention to the road, the driving conditions, and the other drivers all come in handy, too. :) Get lots of practice in parking lots and back roads if you can before you take your driving test.

    So you didn't get a BSOD, so there was no hex dump code to look up, right? You might try going ahead with Safe Mode if it happens again. As I recall, there's some extra troubleshooting you can do in Safe Mode that isn't available in a normal boot.

    I found some stuff that might be helpful. Shoot, I forget, you upgraded to Windows 10, didn't you?

    As before, none of this may solve the problem! I hope it at least gets you closer to asking the right questions of someone who might know the answers. :)

  15. 45 Posted by kyle.noble on 23 Feb, 2016 07:33 PM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Whatever happened seems to have been a one-off problem, also I appreciate the help with the win 10 safe mode instructions links but uh.... I don't have win 10 xD I use win 7, because I'm a dinosaur like that. Actually I've used 7 my whole life, considered 8 for a whole 8 seconds but the aesthetic disgusted me and it seemed too much like it was made for tablet, it was VERY based on touchscreen, and I'm glad I didn't get it since it seems a lot of people agreed with me on that.

    I hear 10 improved on that a bit, this time giving back the start button that 8 oh so brutally murdered. If I recall correctly, that is. I don't know, just can't let go of what I know and love. Seriously, tried using a mac once, I was so lost. Their task bar doesn't even have a way of showing what's currently open! It just has things to open and adds what's already open to the bar! For all you know, everything you have pinned could be open and running in the background! It's like changing cultures, the extreme basics are still the same, but apart from that literally everything is different.

  16. Support Staff 46 Posted by Rhana on 24 Feb, 2016 07:17 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    OMG, I feel the same way about the Macs. I have to use one for my current job, but I'm able to use Windows 10 on my primary laptop, thank goodness.

    Windows 10 is terrific. It corrects the UI problems from Windows 8 while being faster and more secure than Windows 7. Not that I'm encouraging you to upgrade, or anything. Just sayin'. :)

  17. 47 Posted by kyle.noble on 26 Feb, 2016 10:04 PM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Eh, I plan to build a computer for the first time in the near-ish future, so I'll grab win 10 for that I guess, but for now I'll just stick to what I know and love.

    EDIT: Also, me being a gamer, compatibility is another worry. A lot of games work with Windows 10 but not all of them, so with time that problem will fix itself. Hopefully all the time it needs is the time it'll take to save up to get good computer parts.

  18. Support Staff 48 Posted by Rhana on 28 Feb, 2016 08:08 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    Ah, gaming, I didn't consider that. Although, my husband recently upgraded to Win10, and he plays about a million games, so it may still be OK. But nothing compares to building a PC from scratch, if you're a tinkerer. :)

  19. 49 Posted by kyle.noble on 29 Feb, 2016 10:56 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Okay I just got very confused very fast, because to be honest at the time of typing this I woke up like maybe a minute ago, that "my husband" part is what confused me, because I assumed you were a dude. Unless you are a dude and you're gay, that's fine too, still caught me off guard though.

    Wait I just googled it and Rhana's a girls name, I'll be honest that's not an ordinary name so I assumed it was a username, like how all my online friends know me as Apple, and I thought your profile picture looked like a dude but guess I was wrong, man, assumptions will be my undoing I swear.

    Back to the topic we were talking about, pretty sure I'm a tinkerer, growing up I used to take things apart to see how they worked, although problem is companies don't really like or anticipate that so it usually involves breaking it a bit first.

    EDIT: It says there's 3 people watching this thread, I mean, me and you make sense to the first 2 but who's #3?

  20. Support Staff 50 Posted by Rhana on 29 Feb, 2016 04:38 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    LOL No worries, Kyle! My picture does look a little, uh, ambiguous. Nope, I'm a dudette through and through. Sorry to confuse you like that. :)

    Yep, you're a tinkerer. Breaking, taking things see what makes them tick is the classic symptom. All hail the tinkerers of the world, because without them, we'd be talking on rocks from our caves right now.

    All of our tickets on this help platform have a default watcher, our company president. He never looks at them, we just like to keep him in the loop.

  21. 51 Posted by kyle.noble on 01 Mar, 2016 03:28 AM

    kyle.noble's Avatar

    Lol not sure how talking on rocks from caves would work, I mean, best case scenario maybe it's morse code, but uh, if we were devolved enough to use caves for homes and try to use rocks for communication I don't think we'd be capable of understanding morse code xD

  22. Support Staff 52 Posted by Rhana on 01 Mar, 2016 05:17 PM

    Rhana's Avatar

    Exactly! So if you look at things a certain way, you, Kyle Noble, are essential to Civilization As We Know It.

    Kinda puts that upcoming math exam in proper perspective, doesn't it?

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